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A Silent Era is a dynamic multi-media theatre production, exploring women’s contribution to early film and their heritage of silence and invisibility in the film industries. The play tackles issues around gender discrimination and representation, and depicts the stories of female filmmakers through the lens of their creative works, splicing together historical reality and movie reality in a kaleidoscopic exploration of cinematic history. The play skips through time from the boom of women writers/directors/producers in silent era cinema, to the erasure of female creative voices and side-lining of their contributions in post-war Hollywood, to the momentous lawsuit initiated by the group of female filmmakers known as the Original Six, and beyond. 

The project began life at Theatre Royal Plymouth as part of their IdeasLab 2023 and is undergoing further development in 2024 supported by TRP and Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre.

As part of the project we are launching film screenings of local Devon-based filmmakers' work as well as UK-based female-identifying directors and writers. Click here for current call outs and further details, or sign up to our mailing list here to discover more about upcoming screenings.

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